Archival Research

due to the academic contention surrounding the NP, some or all of this research may be factual



For the turning of scarlet sheepskins from skin to shoes.
Prepare the skins, wash them and wring them out, then rub them well with a diversity of four waters, then beat them well with a hammer as if they were wood to relieve them, then take a dye-carriage and with it spread them out and scrape them with a blade so as not to cut them, and squeeze them well, then stretch them on a string, then let them dry a little, then beat them with a racket until completely dry so that the dye cannot penetrate, then for the proportion of every dozen of sheepskin coats, prepare 9 of well ground verzino and put over fire with the proportion of two metadelles water for each of verzino, and cook them until the water is as half as by reduction. Then pouring them into the glazed earthenware dish, then covering them to reduce the fumes, then put the sediment back in, with the totality of ten metadellules of water, then cook them until reduced to half as by reduction, then start to turn the hides with the ultimate necessity of water. Coat with two, then mix the sediment, then after each let the skins dry, then the third time give them the cap and open them well, then when they are wide and hungry, give them a third coat of the first story, then a second coat of this story, then when they are almost dry lightly rub them with a strip; then, for the fourth time, to the proportion of a dozen skins, put a metadella and a third of the lye in the dye, as maestra. Some people add two egg yolks to make deeper and more expressive meaning. When they are dry, dye them with the dye in which you put the maestra, and after drying, rub them gently and they will be ready.

VJc:19b the materials of the Aigua Courses:

  • Agafeu els pelt searchers, lavabo i’fregueu
  • The picture if box for the redd frame
  • A batri with a fume hammer to fix the water courses
  • A painting of the impregnated fossil

Treballing in threes, speak:
(the apex of the taur care is made in the direction of the camels, and the voices.)

  • I am encouraged
  • I have the pelts
  • I am pictured two metadelles for the sake of the era.
  • I havenine taken lye.
  • this city is open to the limit, and the reconstruction of the reconstituted frame is given
mix up the lees
hammer until quite dry
add two yolks of eggs
VJc:19c To dye sheepskins scarlet, on the side of the flesh, for shoes. --Take the skins, and wash and wring them, and work them well with three or four waters, and then beat them well with a wooden hammer in order to press out the water, and then take a dyer's horse and spread the skins upon it and scrape them with a knife so as not to cut them, and squeeze them well, and then stretch them out upon a cord, and let them dry a little, and then beat them with the hammer until quite dry, in order that the dye may not penetrate through the skin. And for every dozen of sheepskins take 9 oz. of verzino well ground, and put it on the fire with two metadelle of water for each ounce of verzino, and boil until the water is reduced one half. Then pour it into a glazed earthen vessel, and cover it up so as to confine the vapour, and put back the lees that remain behind, with ten metadelle of water, and make it boil until reduced to less than one half, and then begin to dye the skins with this last water, of which you must give them two coats, and mix up the lees, and after each time let the skins dry, and the third time give them the stroppa and open them well, and when they are well opened, give them a third coat of the first colour, and then give them a second coat of this colour, and when nearly dry, rub them lightly with your band; and then, for the fourth time, put for each dozen of skins one metadella, and one-third of lye into the dye, for its maestra. Some per-sons, in order to make the colour deeper and more brilliant, add two yolks of eggs. When they are dry, dye them with the dye into which you put the maestra, and, when again dry, rub them gently, and they will be done.